Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First post

Greetings. Thanks for reading. I'm a UK national who came to the US to attend graduate school and ended up settling here. After a convoluted journey through cell and molecular biology, marine and aquatic ecology, microscopy and scientific informatics software, I now find myself working for a commercial histology firm.

We provide advanced histological services including ISH, FISH, and more. Our CLIA certified lab and and experienced science team allow us to work with customers to help design and answer complex questions in functional genomics. We can also access various biorepositories, locate top quality tissue samples and perform appropriate screening services customized to our customer's needs.

This blog features discussions of some of the ways that modern molecular biology is helping to breath new life into dusty old collections of preserved specimens. You'll also find musings on new technologies and breakthroughs, the ethics and economics of biotechnology, and occasionally, some studies and images that I just happen to think are cool. If you work in biotechnology, I hope that perhaps you will find something useful here. If you want to hear more about any of the studies described here, or if you are looking for tissue to use in studies of your own, please contact me and I'll try to be of assistance.

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